About Us

What We Do & Our Mission

Founded in December of 2012, Scholar Career Coaching (Scholar CC) is a proud United Way of Palm Beach County Mentoring Program affiliate. Scholar CC provides college and career mentoring services to South Florida high school college-bound students (juniors and seniors) in Title I high schools. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to be mentored by passionate mentors (college and career readiness coaches) who share similar academic and career interests. Students also receives one-on-one and group support from Scholar CC program staff, contract teachers, and community services.

Scholar Career Coaching’s mission is to Coach, Motivate, and Support college-bound students in South Florida, with a focus on English as a Second Language (ESL) students, First-Generation, and other underserved populations identified as needing these services through mentoring services and scholarships.

Our Story

As the founder and advocate of Scholar Career Coaching (Scholar CC), Lynne W. Gassant is dedicated to helping students and young leaders achieve academic and career success. She understands the challenges of being a non-native English speaker and a first-generation college student from her own life experiences. Lynne fondly recalls her journey as an English language learner and her struggles with the American education system.

At 14, Lynne arrived in the United States as the oldest child of Haitian immigrant parents. Settling in Delray Beach, she faced the task of learning English while navigating a new culture and educational system. Her teenage years were marked by a blend of discovery and challenges, including adjusting to a strict upbringing. Despite these obstacles, she found support from many mentors who guided her through high school and college years, laying the groundwork for Scholar Career Coaching.

Lynne’s teenage years in Palm Beach County schools were challenging due to language barriers. As the first in her family to attend college and a first-generation student, these early experiences ignited a passion for helping non-native speakers and first-generation students overcome similar hurdles. With the right support and guidance, she saw the potential for others to succeed, and Scholar CC was born. The program started early on to help students navigate these questions “What now?” and “What’s next?”.

Inspired by the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, Lynne founded Scholar CC at the age of 23 in December 2012 while completing her undergraduate studies. Her vision was to help students excel academically through support, strategies, and mentorship. Initially, the program focused on both undergraduate and high school students using a virtual platform. By 2014, the program transitioned to after-school mentoring, focusing on high school English Language Leaners and first-generation students.

Lynne holds a bachelor’s degree in public management from FAU and a master’s degree in human resources management from FIU. As the founder and executive director of Scholar Career Coaching, she lives a full, well-rounded life. A proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Lynne manages her multiple roles with finesse, balancing her career with her roles as a wife, mother of two, small business owner (sweetlydorm.com), and adjunct professor. In her free time, Lynne enjoys Korean TV dramas (k-drama) and even competed in the Mrs. Florida United States Pageant as Mrs. Palm Beach County in 2017, finishing as 4th Runner Up. Lynne is a proud mom and married to her husband, a law enforcement officer and jiu-jitsu fighter.