Our Impact

How it Works

We partner with experienced volunteer professionals, retirees, and graduate-level students in various industries who are passionate, caring, and have a desire to guide our youth in the community. We call them Mentors or College/Career Readiness Coach! They serve as role models and inspirational examples to our youth.

While these passionate volunteers now have established themselves, many of them at one time faced the same questions, doubts, and struggles that their young mentees currently face. Sharing their knowledge and experiences in academic achievement, career exploration, interviewing, resume building, and more, while having traveled similar paths, these mentors are in prime positions to provide positive guidance and encouragement to the next generation of leaders.

How We Help

Between 2014 and 2023, we have served over 1k scholars, engaged over 350 volunteers; awarded 74+ private scholarships thanks to our sponsors and fundraising efforts; and served close to a thousand students from our targeted mentoring programs delivered in person at our local high school partners by dedicated mentors.

In our recent participation satisfaction survey, 100% of students said they learned skills from their mentors that clarified choices toward career paths. 95% percent felt more capable and confident to succeed academically from the mentoring relationship. 85% percent stated that they would have liked to meet with their mentor more often.


of seniors enrolled in Scholar CC program graduated high school and were accepted into at least one higher educational or technical program


of scholars said they have significantly increased their college & career preparation skills


of scholars felt more capable & confident to succeed academically from their mentoring relationships


of scholars said they learned skills from their mentors that clarified career paths choices

Our Success Stories

Hear it from our former and current mentors and mentees.