For Mentees

Join the College & Career Readiness Club as a Mentee!

Thank you for your interest in the Scholar CC After-School Club! The Scholar CC College and Career Readiness program focuses on helping Mentees aka Students (that’s you!) with career planning, college readiness, basic financial literacy, and soft skills.

Benefits of Being A Scholar CC Mentee

  • Need free tutoring for the SATs? We got you!
  • Re-taking the SAT? We’ll cover the test fee!
  • Applying to college? We’ll cover the application fee!
  • Want help with applying for FAFSA or finding Scholarships? You’ve come to the right place!
  • Earn 2X Community Service Hours by attending sessions and virtual workshops!
  • Free Snacks!
  • Participating Seniors are eligible to apply to win a laptop and scholarships!

When Do We Meet?

At the beginning of the program, each student will receive a club schedule calendar that details when we meet and what topics will be discussed.

After School Club
Meets on-campus 3:00pm-4:45pm

Virtual Students
SAT tutoring sessions and College and Career Readiness Workshops are offered bi-weekly

Matched Mentees
Meet in person with your mentor weekly during our on-campus sessions or weekly virtually through FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, or Google Meets.

What Do We Do In The Club?

Gain Skills
If you put in the work, during our time together you will gain the skills needed to increase your SAT Scores, create a resume/cover letter, earn money for college, ace an interview and more!

Professional Sharing
In addition, we bring outside professionals and motivational speakers to share inspiring stories so you can get the real deal on topics that interest you.

How Can I Get Matched with A Mentor?

  • In addition to our after-school sessions, interested Mentees (in-person or virtual) can be paired with a personal Mentor.
  • Following our group mentoring model (1-3 mentees per group), each Mentee will be matched with a Mentor for the school year starting in October and ending in April.
  • Whether it’s helping you set goals for the semester, organizational tips, creating a resume/cover letter, mock interview prep, exploring college and career options, finding and applying for scholarships, or being a listening ear, our Scholar CC Mentors will play the role of a coach, motivator, supporter and friend.

I’m so grateful for my mentors. I wish I could take Scholar Career Coaching with me to college!

- Bengina Fantaisie, Former Mentee

Becoming a Mentee

Do you attend one of these schools below? Then you can be a Scholar CC Mentee! 

  • Atlantic High School | Delray Beach, FL 
  • Boynton Beach High School | Boynton Beach, FL 
  • Deerfield Beach High School | Deerfield Beach, FL
  • John I Leonard High School | Greenacres, FL 
  • Santaluces Community High School |  Lantana, FL 
  • All students attending a Title I School in Palm Beach and Broward can attend our online College and Career Readiness Workshops, FREE Virtual SAT Tutoring and have the option of being 

If you are enrolled in one the schools listed under the “Mentoring Sites” tab and would like to participate in the Scholar CC College and Career Readiness Program click the button below to register.

Returning Scholar CC members do not need a new application.  If your contact information has changed, email with the updates.

Club Mentees

  • Complete all registration needed to participate (Application and Parent/Guardian Consent)
  • Complete the Scholar CC Pre-Survey
  • Attend weekly on Campus Club sessions or Virtual sessions
  • Reply to text or emails from Scholar Career Coaching 
  • Complete Post-Survey
  • Be present, ask questions and have fun!


Club Mentees that are Matched with a Mentor

  • Complete all registration needed to participate (Application and Parent/Guardian Consent)
  • Complete the Scholar CC Pre-Survey
  • Attend Weekly on Campus Club sessions or Virtual Sessions
  • Reply to text or emails from Scholar Career Coaching and your Mentor in a timely manner
  • If matched with a Mentor, set up weekly meetings with your Mentor to help you reach the goals you’ve set for the school year. (minimum 1 hr. per week)  
  • Complete Post- Survey
  • Be present, ask questions and have fun!

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  • Handbook Policy 
  • Being Matched
  • Mentee/Mentor Journey
  • Match Closure
  • Basecamp

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Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Mentees are students looking for additional help with planning for post high school success. 

Attend a Mentee informational meeting, complete the application, have your parent/guardian sign the participation form in a non-formal virtual chat, phone call or in person interview.  Mentees will also be asked to agree to and sign our Mentee Standards and Guidelines.

We look at Mentors who have experience in the area you would like to improve on, work in the career you’re interested in, graduated from a school you would like to attend or share similar hobbies. At that point, we speak with the Mentor whom our team believes is the best fit and make the match.

We understand that some students might already have a mentor or might not have the time to make the commitment. Although we feel that being matched with a Mentor will strengthen your experience, you will still be able to participate in our workshop sessions and tutoring but will not be matched with a Mentor.

There will be times when a mentorship match doesn’t work out for one reason or another. If the relationship cannot be realigned, the mentor and mentee may need to split ways. This does not indicate failure on either person’s part; rather, it simply recognizes that the match is not a fit.

Speaking with the mentoring program manager, mentor, and/or mentee gives the program admin the opportunity to make sure that ending the relationship is right for the situation and helps with closing the relationship in a respectful way. Gathering feedback from the mentor and mentee to understand if there is anything that needs to change about the matching process going forward will also help improve the program overall.

We ask that the mentee commit to at least one school year (approximately 8 months Oct-April). We understand that some weeks will be missed due to illness, schedule conflicts, holidays, and emergencies.

Scholar CC offers ongoing support and resources for our mentees. The Mentor Program Manager will check in regularly to make sure things are going well and address any concerns. At any time, if you have questions, Scholar CC is here to help! We want to make sure you are always feeling safe, confident and encouraged.

Schools Past Scholars are Attending